Saturday 13 February 2021

Stalasquig Conversion - Warhammer Underworlds Mollog’s Mob

 Hello folks. I’ve been remiss in not posting this small conversion sooner but with everything else going on in the world and here it passed my mind. I have been hobbying off and on in the meantime and have actually finished the big man himself now (hence the prompt to post this first :D). 

Sunday 29 November 2020

Monday 12 August 2019

Underworlds Moonclan Grot Display Board Completion

This is a long long overdue post! As per usual it seems, life is busy and my motivation to blog is at rock bottom. in fact all hobby stuff in general has taken a back seat to work, life and kids. tis only a season however, the mojo will return one day. If you were following this little project you may have been wondering what happened to the finished piece, well, I actually finished this at the end of May, just in time for the two grand clashes that were happening here in the UK.

Monday 29 April 2019

Underworlds MoonClan Display Board #Part 2

oh my, where has the time gone!!! Got a load to update you all that I've been working on in between a mountain of essays and the like.

Saturday 23 March 2019

Underworlds Display Board Project Start (And RL update)

Howdy folks! Little bit of an update post here about life and a small start for my next project. I’ve been having a compete hobby break for the last month or two after completely burning out doing the Gobbo project for Underworlds.