Saturday 13 February 2021

Stalasquig Conversion - Warhammer Underworlds Mollog’s Mob

 Hello folks. I’ve been remiss in not posting this small conversion sooner but with everything else going on in the world and here it passed my mind. I have been hobbying off and on in the meantime and have actually finished the big man himself now (hence the prompt to post this first :D). 

For this conversion I wanted to keep the ‘spirit’ of the original model (ie non moving static model), but with my own twist, especially as I dislike the original model quite intensely. After much deliberation I started to work on a larger squig with a shell I found in my sons random box of leaves and stones (?). This did not work out well but I liked the idea of it and set out searching for something easier to achieve and much smaller than the idea I was working on previously. In my bits box I had a mini squig not used in a Goblin shaman conversion I was working on (more of that in another post) and this fit the bill perfectly. I pilfered another small shell and the two went together like marmite and toast... perfectly (in case you were wondering ;) ). 

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this little chap too. The snail shell presented a challenge but I found using a mixture of dry brushing, minor paint strokes and some blending with the new contrast paints worked excellently (seriously, the new contrast paints can be used to great effect as a glaze and also base coat. Don’t like them by themselves but as another tool in the painting arsenal they are pretty useful). 

Enough of the waffle, here’s some more pictures 


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