Sunday, 5 August 2018

Bog Sylvaneth - Drycha Hamadreth Conversion

Hey folks

I’ve struck while the iron was hot, the juices flowing, the bees buzzing…… you get the idea 😊

I have sat on this conversion for quite a while now, with the model sawn into bits in a Chinese takeaway container for quite a few months now. I just could not get started on her. Every time I went to apply glue or start sculpting my reservations with how my idea was coming out ‘in the flesh’ stopped me in my tracks. The vision of what I had for Drycha and the reality of what I was achieving at the time just did not tie up and I had to stop. It didn’t help that the original Drycha is already a stunningly awesome model, so adapting it was always going to be hard.

Luckily the break from hobbying has helped me to find my creative juices again, and once the unit of Kurnoth Hunters had come together and were looking good I summoned up the will to get the box out again with Drycha in and get cracking. Fortunately, this time my ideas all came out quite well, and I am pretty happy with what has emerged.

Going with the idea surrounding my Bog forces, of twisted nature recycling and re purposing the corpses of their victims, and amalgamating them with the corrupted tree spirits of the Bog, I came up with the idea of Drycha bursting out of a monstrous form, with the arms and legs having grown out of an incubating maggot infested corpse beforehand. It took a fair bit of greenstuff and reposing to get the look I was after, but the overall effect works pretty well I think, with the pose still reflecting her original form, but the bloated torso really adding that creepy gruesome element to the creature emerging from its depth.

I haven’t added any textured paints yet, as I need the primer on first, but once this is done it will really tie together the wooden and fleshy parts, as well as make sense of the lichen I have added, which will really look great once painted.


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