Monday, 30 July 2018

I'm Baaaack!!! + Bog Sylvaneth Kurnoth Hunter Conversions

I've not been dead, just buried.....

It certainly has been awhile since I last put pen to paper over on here. There's lots of reasons for this, but mainly because real life has been a bit of a shitter and given me and my family a few left hooks to the jaw over the last half year. Without going into too much detail I can safely say it has been busy, and shit. lost our rented house (landlord sold it), couldn't find anywhere suitable to go, had a pregnant wife due at the end of our two month notice period, so the pressure was really on. Made the decision to move back to my Dads farmhouse, but it needed some pretty heavy work done to make it suitable for my family to move into, so most evenings and weekends I was going over there doing building work to get it ready for the deadline. I managed to get it done, and we moved in two weeks before my wife's due date. I don't recommend moving with a heavily pregnant wife to anyone. The good news is my son got born healthy and happy two weeks ago (9 days overdue), and we had a few weeks to get settled and unpacked, so all's well that ends well. I even managed to get some hobby done again, once my desk was unpacked and all set up. Now the RL stuff is out the way I will crack on and show you some models :)

With the release of AOS second edition I wanted to get cracking on the Bog Sylvaneth again, and had a unit of Kurnoth Hunters sitting in a box half converted. I whipped them out, applied some greenstuff and a set of skulls from the Citadel skull kit, and all was complete.

Really pleased with how they came out. the texture has come out very well on them, and tied in all the fleshy and bark areas nicely for quite a creepy effect. Enough with the words, here are the pics.

Till next time!


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