Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Space Wolves Breacher Marines Converted

Soooo, as you can probably tell by the relative silence from me, that I have failed on the dreadtober pledge to finish my Deredeo. Between one thing and another I did not get past the final wash stage on the armour plates. Not too worried about it though, just got to go with the flow :).

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

A break from your usual programming: Iron Sleet Invitational

Artwork by Shawn Coss

While the vast majority of my hobby stuff is eldar-centric, I have been tempted away on occasion to make some slightly more human creations. The opportunity to contribute something to the brilliant world building around the Thorn Moons Crusade run over on Iron Sleet is just such an occasion :)

Their (un)Invitational calls for 5 human-scale models representing a 'regiment' raised on either side of the punative/exploratory Crusade launched against the Green Mechanicum of the Thorn Moons.

Green Mechanicum by FPOA

My take on that is based on the idea that Space Marine Chapters are perpetually surrounded by thralls and serfs and other such human hangers-on, some of which affiliated with the Chapter and others simply along for the ride.

Vlka Fenryka and Thralls by Migs

Building around the frankly stunning Vlka Fenryka that Migs has created (a major force in the campaign), my idea was for a ramshackle fleet of 'crows' that forever loiter in the periphery of the Wolves' fleet, scavenging from battlefields in the wake of the Wolves' destruction.

Trying to tie in the norse mythology regarding Odin and his Ravens, the 'crows' are tolerated by the Rout as their scavenger's curiosity and constant cawing chatter between their ships provides valuable information about the surroundings the Wolves find themselves in.

Here's the current WIP of my gribbly little raven-scavengers :)

I've got a couple more ideas I want to try out, but if you've made it this far this is where I could do with some help!

Paint-wise these guys are going to be pretty far out of my comfort zone. Cool colours, blacks, dark greens, dark blues and pallid white skin. If anyone has any helpful tips and tricks for making blacks nice and varied I'm all ears!

Also, as you might have noticed I've made rather more than 5 of these little dudes (they are rather fun to make!). I could also do with a hand picking out your favourite group of 5 (provided I'm not allowed to cheat and have the rest loitering in the background).

Friday, 20 October 2017

Space Wolves Horus Heresy Flamer Support Squad

Hey folks.

It has been a little quiet here for the last few weeks from me (although Ynneadwraith continues to put out some awesome content). General life business and a family holiday have meant I have not had the time to sit down to complete anything, although there is plenty on my desk in mid production, so to speak.