Thursday, 12 April 2018

Some crows you know, and one you don't...

We call them 'rooks'. Just big crows really.

"Is it true they eat our dead if they find them?"

I think the word translates to 'concubine', although 'witch' would work too.

...and the new crow!

The crow-chief peered intently at the great ships of the Wolves. He tilted his head in curiosity as clockwork thoughts rattled through his brain. The pack's fleet was mustering. His curiosity piqued, he flitted a signal to Muninn, his sister-ship. Something was afoot. He could feel it.

So that's the latest bunch of good photography! Nearly got through all of my crows, although sadly the lightbox is too small to fit them all at once.

I've got some really exciting things coming soon though! Both for the crows and others :)

Hope you like them!

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