Friday, 6 April 2018

What a difference a camera makes!

Just got back from holiday and finally got fed up with struggling to get decent quality photos, so picked up a lightbox, some crows, my copy of On the Origin of Species and a very helpful mate with a grownup camera :)

What a difference! If you zoom in on the high-res shots you can see each and every mould line I've forgotten to remove in exquisite detail!

This next shot in particular was very tricky to get. It was a real struggle to get enough light to show the detail on the crow, but not too much to blow out all the colour on the crow-dogs. If we had access to photoshop it would be as simple as taking two different exposures and fading one into the other, but this was the best we could get in a single shot. The crow should be a little lighter really, and the crow-dogs a smidge more purple...

...and an arty one to finish off the session ;)

I get the feeling I will owe my mate quite a few beers after all my new ones have been done (and the rest of the back-catalogue)...

Hope you like them!

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