Monday, 16 April 2018

Large Custom Space Wolves Army for Sale

Yes thats right guys n gals! After a lot of thought and deliberation I have decided to put my Space Wolves army up for sale.
I have lovingly built, converted and painted this army over a number of years, and have got a lot of joy along the way working on it and playing games on the battlefield. Alas I am at a time in life where I only have time and room now for one army, and that is La Danse Macabre.

The army has alot of conversions in it, from simple weapon swaps, to whole miniatures lovingly built and sculpted. It is also heavily magnetised, with many units able to swap arms or weapons when needed.

Below is a link to the auction on Ebay, and pictures of the whole lot I am putting up for sale. I have priced it quite high but there are many custom conversions in there, and the painting is to a good standard, so I do not want to let it go for any less, and think it is worth alot more.

Axe and Shield dread conversion and 2 Contemptors

Bjorn the Fell Handed and Murderfang Conversions

Wolf Lord and Iron Priests on TWC

Thunderwolf Cavalry

Rhinos and Razorback


Drop Pods

Land Raider

Land Speeders

Plasma Cannons

 Melta guns

 Plasma guns


 Grey Hunters

 Grey Hunters

 Wolf Scouts

Logan Grimnar and Arjac Rockfist Conversions

 2 Rune Priests and Wolf Priest

 Blood claws

Extra Magnetised arm options

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