Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Spite Revenant Conversions Painted ~ Squadary vow #1 complete

'Darkness blacker than night obscures their forms. They are mere shadows that creep round the edge of your sanity. Whispers plague your waking hours, and your own screams wake you from your nightmares. The very trees seem to grow black and whisper of your death as you pass. The rustle of their leaves sounding your doom, never fading, never ending . You only see your stalkers at the very last, beings lunging from the darkness, clutching and clawing at your soul. Time stops, days pass as the feed. You are awake for it all.'

Absolutely smashed by Squadary vow this month so far. Managed to complete these guys in two straight sittings. It was a real joy to get back to a more messier way of painting than when I do the Danse Macabre stuff.It is so quick to do multiple washes and drybrushes to build up a really nice depth of tone on the skin and bark, and the textured paint really does wonders to show the technique in all its glory. who says drybrushing is for beginners eh?

The skin is the bit I am most pleased with. I built it up from a purple wash, with reds and blacks added in various places to add tone and depth, and then two light skin tones added on top. Glazes and more washes (mainly greens and reds) are then lightly added to give a bruised and rotting tone to the skin. The faces and guts have come out especially well and add some nice focal points for each model. I think they look very creepy and fit the idea of the original theme for spite revenants, with my own twist for the corrupted glade they call home.

Now I am progressing onto the Kurnoth Hunters. I am on a roll so better not stop!


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