Saturday, 10 February 2018

Morkai's Unwanted

When Morkai's sons are on the prowl,
When moon is bright and wolves do howl,
Within thy walls stay safe and fast,
For teeth and tools of murder pass.

-Verse from the Edda Óvættr (An Ode to Monsters)

It seems, wherever the Vlka Fenryka tread, a trail of myths of mutant wolfmen follows them. Many fallacies and fabrications abound in populations overawed by His Holyness' mighty astartes, but this one is curious in its ubiquity. Those who are privy to current inquisitorial investigations into the thirteenth company might believe they pertain to the mutant astartes known as 'wulfen'. However, upon closer reflection it would appear there is a secondary phenomenon at play.

Common in extant myths is the infectious nature of the bite of a frekr, as they are dubbed. If this bears truth, this poses a significant risk to Imperial security. Recommend immediate travel to infected worlds for research purposes, followed by immediate reprisal against the chapter once proof is obtained.

Recovered cave-writings from exterminated populations here suggest the native freki believe they were stationed on this world for some higher purpose. A grand task bestowed upon them by their Gods. More likely is that they were dumped here on this backwater world, hidden away from prying inquisitorial eyes. No longer.

 Back from holiday and back to little gribbly soldiers :) these are the first two of another batch of creatures/people who crop up in the wake of the Rout. I've had the idea for these for quite some time but just couldn't think of the bits to make the body look like it was equal parts human and bestial.

Then, I stumbled upon the Skaven Deathrunner from the Silver Tower and one of the new Skaven Blood Bowl models and they were more than perfect! 

I had a bit of a pain painting them as initially I went for a sort of white/ice blue colour scheme which just looked too unnatural (even for mutant wolf-men from space), so I re-painted them in white blending to browns on their fur as most real-life wolves are coloured. Worked better for the natural side of things, but I still wasn't happy with the level of menace they had. Looked too fluffy.

By this time I was at risk of losing some detail with the repainting so they got stripped with Dettol (dead simple and doesn't affect any glues, saved me a couple of times now). Repainted in the very dark grey you see here and finally they were done!

Hope you like them :)

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