Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Kurnoth Hunter Conversions Painted - Squadary Vow #2 Complete

Kurnoth Hunter Conversions

Yep my Kurnoth Hunter converions are complete too!"

"I've not felt this feeling in centuries. Not quite the taste of fear but bordering close to it and heavy paranoia of the world setting a blade against my throat. 

I'm upon a knife-edge between hunter and prey with the slightest misstep ready to plunge me into an unending darkness.

The fiends that pursue me are of a challenge that not even the festering hordes of Nurgle presented me with as I took revenge upon their lords for defiling Alarielle's pure realm.

This grave folly is entirely my own. I allowed the last century of trying peace to soften my skills that were honed to perfection in harrying the chaos hordes. So many years of putting disease-cleansing arrows into the eye sockets of champions and carefully skinning their corrupted flesh for symbols of justice, could be ended so ingloriously now due to my lack of judgement.

By order of Glade Lord Arlos, I was to assist the city of Jademeadow by hunting down a foul creature hiding in the ruins amongst a swamp. It's madness was spreading forth and causing caravans to fall upon innocent travellers.

However, upon nearing the ruins I felt three sets of malice-filled eyes upon me, back during the Age of Chaos I never would've let my guard down so foolishly. Despite my disadvantage I let loose in quick succession three arrows at the points I sensed the creatures. I knew my arrows would hit only the vacant spots that they were once in before I turned to face them so I immediately ran for cover instead of looking to see if my arrows hit the mark.

They kept pace with me at a unnerving ease and at points in the pursuit I swore I could hear them far ahead of me as if they moved by other means than just the physical. They shot at me anytime I slowed down in my escape, the shots were unerringly accurate but the power of their great-bows betrayed them as my heightened hearing could tell the great strain of their strings before loosing. Despite that, they fired in tandem to box in my movements. By luck and skilful dodging I only lost one glove, the majority of my cloak and the tip of my right ear. I think the blood encouraged them to keep playing at their "hunt" rather than end it.

It did give me an advantage in that they thought a wound would cause me to hasten my escape rather than attempt a counter-attack. They were wrong. I had a special fire-imbued arrow I acquired at the city of Hammerhal that I planned to use on the tainted ruins, change of plans.

As I took note of their next volley I used a nearby tree to block one arrow, the second arrow I dodged and the third was grazed by my flame arrow, sending it slightly off-course from me, while the arrow continued straight into the stalker. The flame that burst forth was immense and in it's light I could see the other two shielding their eyes. 

I used this time to close the distance to the ruins as they aided their comrade. 

Now I'm readying my next move against them. I write this note in case my attack fails. Also, I write this as my "gracious host" insisted I use his parchment after he had just finished writing about his time amongst the abandoned villages laden with lost "food and wine".

He's in the middle of feasting upon ribs and sits across from me on a termite-ridden hall table that's seen far better days. A pitiful creature in royal robes that were once purple but now soaked red. 

Despite my distaste of this vile cretin and my quest to end his threat, he may prove useful.."

-Waywatcher, Salian of the fallengreen.

*Story courtesy of Baron Klatz on Reddit. My thanks to him*

Another unit done for my Squadary pledge. I am rockin and rollin!
Really happy again how these turned out. They have a nice (?) menace to them and the upscale of texture and brybrushing still works well. I did nothing different from my other Dirge stuff in terms of painting, although I had to pay a little more attention between the graduations from the skin and bark, and the blending of all the tones.

Next up are some tree Revenants that I had converted awhile ago but never got round to posting. I am going to try and get them painted this month too, but it has been a real shitty weekend for me in RL, so I am not going to stress about doing anything too much, just go to it when the moment calls.

Ciao for now


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