Sunday, 25 February 2018

Bog Sylvaneth Tree Revenant Conversions - Built & Painted

As Squaduary draws to a close I thought it only appropriate to show off my final project for it, a bunch of Tree Revenant conversions, built and painted.
I actually converted these awhile ago, but with one thing and another I never got the chance to post the pics before I started painting them. Well seeing as I have the painted pics ready now, I thought I would combine the two posts into one and show you both together :)

So first up are the conversion pics. You can see there has been a fair bit of modification to the original plastic kit. I wanted to keep the theme of rotting bog corpses melding into trees that is sprinkled throughout the army, but go a step further and make these guys slightly more 'human' than some of the other units. The heads are very iconic so I chose to keep them, but I spliced in plague bearer torsos into the upper tree parts of the bodies, and then sculpted branches wrapping round from the back to slowly consume the fleshy bits on the front. 

So now we get onto the painted pics. Again I am really chuffed with how these have come out. Very dark and fleshy, and they really convey the squelchy horror of the 'The Dirge'. I like the bell on the standard bearer, it gives a nice focal point to the unit, and it hopefully looks suitably weathered to seem like it had been dug out of the ground. I went with quite bright hair in the end. I originally painted them with black locls, but it just didnt work for some reason. so I went with a light grey, with a camo wash and white highlights. Makes them stand out a bit, but they are meant to be different, so I dont mid that really.

Thoughts are always appreciated :)


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