Wednesday, 20 December 2017

On 'Aesthetic of the Pathetic'...

The little scavenger padded its feet as it stood, trying to drive out the cold. There was little, really, to mark it as female beneath its layers upon layers of rags. A slightness of build perhaps, but little else. Not like the concubines of the Crow-Chief, or the zealous warrior-women that visited the Wolves on occasion. Just another scavenger among the multitudes. Another faceless, nameless individual to anyone looking on.

Well apologies for the lack of regular updates! Real life has really been kicking my backside recently :S

I did however manage to get one little dudette done just prior to the deadline from Iron Sleet, and she's a perfect example of something I've found very enjoyable about the INQ28 movement. By taking the focus away from the bombastic frontlines of the 41st millennium, it really lets you delve into what life is like for the majority of the denizens of the galaxy. It gives you licence to fill out a sliver of the immense depth that must exist in the galaxy of 40k, which is something I really enjoy contributing to :)

It's a little of an antidote to the feeling that, based on models, ~50% of the galaxy appears to be populated with Space Marines ;)

Part of the idea of filling in depth is also why I've been wanting to make some more female models that I have previously. In our current culture (and the majority of cultures in our history) it's been expected that the men fight and women don't. Rightly or wrongly, that's a luxury that our comparatively peaceful history has allowed us to maintain. It's a luxury that I don't believe the majority of cultures on 40k would recognise. So, we get this little lass. Barely distinguishable from the rest of the scavengers around her. 

And the whole little scavenger band, marching through the bitter wind and snow :)

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