Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Silver Tower Questor Knight - Stormcast Eternal

Eek how time flies! Been awhile since I finished this guy, but this is the first I have managed to get round to posting him up.

I have been playing a few games of Silver tower with a few friends at my local game club and really enjoying it. However my Dwarf character I painted awhile back was just doing appallingly badly for me. I couldn't hit a barn door most of the time, and my companions were constantly bailing me out from certain death in most encounters my Dwarf found himself in :D

I had a free Stormcast eternal I got with a White Dwarf when Age of Sigmar was released. It was languishing in a drawer as I had zero interest in doing a stormcast army, or even painting one for that matter. Well that was about to change as I promised my mates I would be changing the character I was using into something slightly more effective
The usual gold colour scheme of the stormcasts did not really appeal to me, so I decided I would try something different, and paint a black armour with deep red highlights so it looks a bit like it is glowing. This would present a nice little challenge too as I have not done anything like it before.
I started with a black primer coat, and then went round each panel using khorne red, with a further highlight of troll slayer orange on the very raised areas. I then applied numerous red glazes over the whole model which helped blend the black in with the reds by giving it a nice deep tone in places. It looked very blotchy until I varnished the whole thing, and that has really tied it all together. I chose the purple for the pauldrons as I felt it was not too garish and would not detract from the red armour, yet add a nice point to draw the eye into the model. All the metals were painted a simple silver, imvluding the shield, as I ran out of ideas, and everthing I tried just looked horrible, but alls well that ends well, as it looks just fine with everthing else. I cocked up painting the shield a bit with the blemding of the metals, but sadly did not notice it unitl I had already varnished the whole model (twice) so unfortunately its going to have ti stay for now.
I had my first game with him, and although he was still disappointing (My standard horrific rolling still haunting me) he survived the dungeon, and even managed to come out with a bit of treasure and an upgrade (and he looked cool all the way through ;) ) Yippee!

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