Saturday, 30 December 2017

La Danse Macabre - Venom WIP

Hey folks. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you a happy new year too! Sorry for the delayed best wishes, but as usual at this time of year, life is just super busy with family, visits, work etc (the usual stuff). Fortunately I have managed to do a little hobby over the last month or so, working 10 mins here and there on a venom for La Danse Macabre.......

Whaaat! You are finally working on La Danse Macabre again NafNaf??!!! Yes, yes it is true, I finally got my mojo back and have started painting again.
I recently went to my local gaming clubs yearly tournament, and decided to take my Drukhari, as they are quite fun to play, and I wanted to get them on the table again after so long. Well I had a great day, and I am pleased to say I managed to win first place with them, having 3 really close games but managing to squeak a win in all of them. My army was pretty balanced, with lots of different elements that worked together really well on the day. Not an optimised tournament list by a far stretch, but I played it well and it was fun for my opponents to play against as well, with no broken units or funny shenanigans to have to deal with. 

Well after my wins I fell back in love with the Drukhari and decided to start painting pronto. I had a few unpainted units on the table for the tourney, as my army is no longer battle ready with the updates to the index and core rules. There are a few priority units I need to get ready, and the venom was top of the list (I actually need to do a ravager but wanted to do something that felt a little more achievable to start with)

I decided to work on the venom in sub assemblies, as in the past I have really struggled to paint sections without mucking up another part I had already completed. It worked really well, as I was able to prime and paint the metal parts separately, and then do the top chassis with a red spray to get decent coverage. I had already chosen a palette of colours for the venom, with yellow on the front and a black at the back, with a green pattern of some sort. Painting the yellow was a bit of a challenge. It took many many thin coats of the base colour to get a smooth not blotchy surface, but once I had got this the rest of the blending was a cinch, and I am really pleased with the colour graduations on it. The black was just pure line highlighting on the edges. Black is not my strongest or favourite colour to paint, and I need to find a better method of doing it I think, but it still looks ok. I followed the colours with adding the patterns to the two areas. I wanted a graffiti esque splodge on the black, so I chose quite obvious highlights to the base green, which I think works quite well. I decided on the same for the two purple hearts on the front, so they hopefully look a little cartoony too.

The last to get painted was the red base. This involved quite a bit of blending and glazing to get smooth graduations, and tbh it still looks a little blotchy from the glazes. However the graduations are nice, and once the varnishes have been applied this will disappear, so I am not too worried about it. I have been cracking along every evening on this thing, so I hope I can show you more pretty soon, but that's it for now :)


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