Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Crow-women, Crow-dogs and another Crow-dude

Strange to think, isn't it? None of those optics are theirs. All scavenged from battlefields. They spend their lives looking through the eyes of dead men. What an odd perspective on the world that must bring.

Although the Invitational at Iron Sleet is now over I haven't quite finished with my Crows :) they've been such fun to make I couldn't just leave them at that. So, we've got another Crow-dude, another Crow-woman, Crow-dog 2 of 3...

...and this lovely lass:

I think the word translates to 'concubine', although 'witch' would work too. Psykers the lot of them. They appear to intentionally breed them. Send them out as favours to the other crow-chiefs, strengthening the various tenuous alliances between groups.

Hah! Everyone asks that. I think they use their witch-powers to keep warm or something.

I'm up to three Crow-women now...

...and thirteen total...

Not quite finished though :) I want another Crow-dog, another Juvenile, some form of Crow-Chief and something a little bigger I've got part-built and will remain a mystery for now ;) then it's onto expanding the world around them a little more :)

Hope you like them!

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