Thursday, 12 October 2017

Dark Eldar Bio-Dreadnought

Alas I don't have a dread-like model to be painting for Dreadtober, but as luck would have it the next installation from my back-catalogue is this beauty!

Silsotha delicately adjusted the final few synaptic bridges on her latest prototypes, their forms motionless aside from the steady undulation of their breathing.

 She nodded to the wych-clone beside her, noting the slight hesitation before walking forth into the beast's embrace. Heavy muscles clamped tightly around her skull and sinuous neural needles pierced the back of her neck, worming their way into her motor cortices. 

Sharply, her senses bloomed across the creature, overlaying its primitive standby consciousness. She tested a brief arm movement and the creature mirrored it, a slight twitchiness marring the otherwise perfect manoeuvre. "Good enough," Silsotha muttered, "Join the ranks."

And that's my current True Kin force done as far as it stands :) I have some future plans for them, including some form of Hellion gang-militia to play up their 'borderline street-gang' origins. The other thing I was thinking is that I don't think anyone's modelled 'The Parched' before, who are an underclass of dark eldar who have sunk to the lowest rungs of Commorragh society. Deprived of any souls to feed upon they're the vicious beggars and wretches of Commorrite society.

Also, I can't take credit for the bio-dreadnought idea unfortunately. It was flagrantly stolen from this stunning model, but was one of those times when you see something and think 'damn, why didn't I think of that first?' so have to make your own ;)

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