Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Dreadtober - Space Wolves Deredeo Dreadnought

Yep, I'm in! I love these community events that happen through the year (just been participating in one last month, Spartember, where I managed to get my long-neglected Spartan assault tank built and ready for battle). They are a great chance to get some models you might have left languishing in the closet for a long time, and finish them up, with the encouragement and camaraderie from the other hobbyists participating in the event. 

My entry this year is a Deredeo dreadnought for my Space Wolves, The Marmite chassis of the dreadnought range. For you lot not in the know, Marmite is a yeast spread here in the Uk that divides opinion. You either love it or hate it. I personally LOVE it!, and the same goes for the Deredeo. When it was first released I was not sure about the boat shaped prow but after a little it grew on me, and I purchased one for my collection. After building it I fell in love with the shape and pose, and the massive guns just add to the imposing form. He is also a nice nod to the old school dread in the space crusade box game, that I loved playing as a young teenager back in the day. 

I have not added too much bling to him, a couple of totem belts on the legs, skulls on the missiles and some etched brass wolf motifs on the jutting prow. Enough to make hin wolfy, but not too over the top, as the model does not lend itself well to many additions. 

Now onto the painting! Wish me luck ;) 


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