Wednesday, 18 October 2017

First Farseer of the Angvai

Alileath felt for the presence of the seer, reaching out with her psychic senses. From high above the seer appeared as a placid lake, barely a ripple disturbing its cool surfaces. Familiar. The Path of the Seer required utmost concentration. Damnation awaited those who wavered. However, this time curiosity got the better of her. She leant in closer, desiring to look beneath the surface. Instantly she wished he hadn't. Roiling, seething rage howled beneath the placid surface. Loss, anger, desperation. Wailing around and around and around doing nought but gather momentum. Sweet mother Isha. What kind of mind could hammer that into submission. Alileath couldn't decide whether to be reassured or terrified that such a mind was leading the Angvai.

'Bellatheral' they call him. 'Warmaker'. Never had a name been more fitting.

Bellatheral stalked the ruined battlefield. Around him his warriors fought and fell. The might of the mon keigh filth was strong here, but he couldn't stop now. After all they'd been through, after all they'd lost. To give up now would be unthinkable. They must prevail.

An axe-wielding brute charged towards him, shrieking its litanies and chants. As their gaze met Bellatheral momentarily shunted all of his grief, all of his loss, all of his anger directly into the poor primitive's brain. His moment of catharsis was rather marred by bits of the unfortunate creature striking his armour. 

Perhaps some day he'll have transferred the very last drop and the momentary tranquillity would last forever, but as yet that font had proven limitless.

Flitting about between projects now, but this guy's hot off the presses :)

I've had this guy on the workbench for a while now pending a Harlequin's Caress for his right arm, but eventually I got fed up of waiting for them to come into stock on bits sites and blew £15 on a whole Harlie kit just for one bit :S never shall I be accused of being financially responsible ;)

Hopefully he conveys what I wanted him to. The backstory for my craftworld is that they've gone through an Iyanden-scale extinction event in the recent past, but rather than mourning their grief has fostered anger and resentment within them.

So...basically eldar Angry Marines ;)

Hope you like him!

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