Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Crows 2 and 3

Getting into the swing of things now :) I've also come up with a little poem to go alongside them for the ~200 word background aspect for the Invitational which I'm dead chuffed with :) it uses the structure and theme of Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven and aspects of the Thorn Moons and Migs' excellent XX Alpha Legion army.

'pon the ruin'd moon of Hyllas, spake the legionary Pallas,
"Cast thou hence from in the shadows, lest I smite thee duly, or-
speak thy name if Thorne or craven.", 'pon which from its darkened haven
Stepped a grim and tattered raven wand'ring from the Nightly shore
"Tell me what thy wretched name is 'mongst this pale and icy hoar”
Quoth the raven "Nevermore."

"We spy thine ships by moonfall's aft, thy manifold and blackened craft
Loiter round the Rout like stormclouds, scavengers like crows of yore. 
Chatter caw and bicker hasten. Ears and eyes and spies and graven-
ones the Wolves do brand 'Valravn', we have spied thine ilk before.
By what hubris think thine arms might stand afore the might of Thorne?
Speak no more of 'nevermore'."

The raven's head did tilt and twist and quizzically it viewed him hence
Yet Pallas stayed his mighty blade, confusion gripping soul and more
"Wherefore art thou masters brave then? Tombstones 'pon which names engraven."
Yet unflinching stood it's brazen gaze that burnt through armoured core 
"Hydra's heads shall reign supreme from dust to dust and Throne to Thorne."
Quoth the raven 'Nevermore."

Within Pallas rose an ire as a raging inner fire
Impudence of wretch's tongue like insults flung hast brought it fore.
Sadly rage obscured unshaven brutes within said Nightly haven
Hydra's blood ran through the cave in ruddy pools along the floor.
Thence the skull of Pallas stands resplendent 'bove the raven's door.
Thorne supreme reigns nevermore.

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