Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Space Wolves Breacher Marines Converted

Soooo, as you can probably tell by the relative silence from me, that I have failed on the dreadtober pledge to finish my Deredeo. Between one thing and another I did not get past the final wash stage on the armour plates. Not too worried about it though, just got to go with the flow :).
I am itching (and need) to do some work on La Danse Macabre for my local club tourney that is in a few weeks, so hopefully that will get my hobby juices flowing again and you will get an update on this fairly long neglected project again.

In the meantime here are some Space Wolf breacher marines I converted up a little while ago. I have been on a bit of a drive to reduce the pile of shame that is in my garage, and build or sell all the stuff I have, so it can at least be used in some games rather than languishing in a box for eve

I don't play Heresy anymore since Forgeworld announced their decision to stick with 7th (booo) but I still love the fluff and have a few heresy minis sitting in the wings that I want to build and paint for my collection. This unit was one of those. The plastic marines are from the burning of prospero box set, which is a great and cheap way to get some mkIII armour, which is synonymous with breacher marines. I converted one of the marines with an antennae so he can be used as a nunceo vox carrier at a pinch. I saw a review for some custom laser cut shields awhile ago from ML Shields who has a shop on facebook and bought a load. I really like the wolf motifs on the shields, it adds some wolfy flavour to an otherwise quite plain (on the wolfy scale) unit. The sergeant has been magnetised so I can swap his CC weapon depending on need, but the rest of the squad is stock.

These will not get painted for awhile but I am pleased the assembly is finished, and I think they look pretty cool too!


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