Sunday, 17 September 2017

They're Angvai, by the look of their banners...

They're Angvai I think, by the look of their banners. Belligerant warmongerers. In collusion with the cloners of the Dark Kin to bolster their forces, which has had a rather marked effect on their outlook. They maintain little of the reverance for Eldar life that other craftworlders hold. Why would you when you can just grow more? Be careful of them, cousin. Dangerous folk to associate with...or be within range of, come to think of it.

Deserters? If caught in the act they're shot on sight. Either that or sacrificed to wake the Avatar. Alas, there are enough of us who are…uneasy…with our treatment of our vat-born clones to mean that if we catch them after they've deserted it's a little less straight forwards. Usually, they're sent on suicide missions. Sometimes, if they come to us with something of value, they're pardoned, provided they continue to be useful. Either way, they have to prove that they are worth the life we have given them.

Yes, it's despicable, but what precisely would you have us do? Our world teetered on the brink. Unlike Iyanden, we weren't blessed with ranks upon ranks of wraith-shells with which to guard our survivors. Our pact with the Dark Kin has provided us with numbers, but numbers which are ill-suited to craftworld life. They must be forged anew in the crucible of war, taught stricture and discipline. Once they have proven themselves, they are granted citizenship, and all the safety the craftworld provides. The blood of a hundred thousand Eldar stains our hands, but a hundred thousand more survive because of us.

I suppose on some level they know that they are murderers. Why else would they adorn themselves with the bloody hand of Khaine?

I thought I'd introduce my craftworld next. The idea behind Craftworld Angvellaith is that they went through an Iyanden-style extinction event, but rather than Wraiths they sighted a pact with the Dark Kin to replenish their numbers courtesy of the haemonculi cloning vats, which they funnel into their warhosts and throw at their foes with little heed to their survival. If they survive, they're inducted into the craftworld as a citizen. That one event and the events spiralling from it has coloured their whole psyche. As a people they're brutally utilitarian, short tempered and blunt. Basically I've been reading up a little about laconic wit and thought it would be neat for eldar to give that a try ;)

Oh, also, do you remember this bit of fluff?

Why did I desert? I'll tell you why. They didn't even give me a name. 'Warborn', is what they called me. One of thousands upon thousands, dragged from the vats of Commorragh, dressed in the uniform of Craftworld life and thrown into the meat-grinder of their pointless wars. I gave myself my name the day I deserted. Do you know what Ilgaith means? No longer faceless... - Ilgaith who Wanders 

Well I've started naming a couple of my models in the Inquisimunda style, and I thought I'd follow it through on the vat-born Angvai:

This is all of the Angvai that I have at the moment, but seeing as they follow on nicely from the Outcasts I thought I'd share them :)

Next stop, Commorragh...

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