Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Space Wolves Long Fangs with Missile Launchers

I am building quite a backlog of hobby progress I need to post up, but content is coming thick and fast so I can't seen to fit it all in. Not a bad place to be in considering a year ago I was struggling to get any hobby in or post much on the blog.

Well part of that backlog is a unit of 5 long fangs, plus an ancient for use in 40k. I did 5 bodies so I can use them in Heresy as a heavy support squad as well as long fangs in 40k. Granted I don't play Heresy at the moment due to it sticking with 7th ed, but I live in hope that it will change over in the future (as an aside, I have found an awesome fan made ruleset for using your HH minis with the 8th ed rules on the Heresy 30k forum. They have done a cracking job of creating all the red book units with updated rules, and I am going to give them a go soon. Here is the link to both the astartes age of darkness army list and the legion rule book).

I magnetised all the arms, weapons and backpacks so in the future I can swap weapon loadouts if I need to ( Been burnt too many times by edition changes making my stuff defunct. Almost everything I build is magnetised now).
The colour scheme follows the rest of my Wolves. Lots of washes to get the grey brown armour with the red and white shoulder pads as an accent. The weapons looked a little dull all metal so I added black to the barrels and stock which gave them more depth without being garish and distracting the eye.

Happy these are all done now. I have used them in a game of 8th and they did very well.

Stay tuned for more Wolfy goodness, as well as some more Bog Sylvaneth conversions :)


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