Thursday, 21 September 2017

A little detour, because apparently I'm incapable of sticking to one project at once ;)

And so they come, worming through the webway towards us. The other self-interested, drawn to events like moths to a flame. The Beltane, the Hanni. Curious who it is to see who these ripples of fate will affect.

Endil the Beltane, the Homeless, the Little-more-than-Corsair. Greetings.

Osutharal the Snake, the Wildling, the Barbarian. Good that you are here, the more we might understand these savage natives.

Aside from being my first foray into GS-modelling, these two are part of another idea I had about expanding the aesthetic differences of the 'big 5' craftworlds beyond paintjob and army composition (because why have one project when you can have a dozen at the same time?).

Basically I came across this stunning picture of the Legions and got jealous, so thought I'd have a try with the Eldar :)

It also gives me an opportunity to flesh out how my homebrew craftworld interacts with others, which boils down to insults, disdain and the shadow of a deep-rooted inferiority complex. Basically I read up on how the Spartans treated everyone they ever met and applied that to my belligerent, bellicose, short-tempered eldar :)

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