Thursday, 21 September 2017

Space Wolves Contemptor Dreadnought from the B@C plastic kit - Painted

Greeting fellow hobby lovers!

My binge on the Space Wolves has continued unabated (apart from the Spartan, which has sucked a fair bit of joy from my hobby life).

I pledged this guy nearly a year ago for the last dreadtober, but I had a major priming disaster with it and it sat in some stripper for awhile before I got it re-assembled. It then languished in a box as I had lost all motivation to move forward with him.

A few weeks ago I decided to sort through my unpainted collection as I was on a roll after the missile squad. My Eye alighted on the dread, and he was quickly plonked on the painting table for me to get cracking on.

He took a little longer than I thought due to all the trinkets and fur I had added to give him that Space Wolves bling (not to everyones taste but I love all the wolfy tokens and fur that adorns the sons of Russ). I spent a little time adding in black elements to the armour as the metal was a little overpowering in places, and I think it adds more interest to him without being overpowering.

The arms are all magnetised, as well as the missile launcher on top so I can do weapon swaps when I need to. There are about 4 more options in my drawer of shame waiting to be assembled and painted, so hopefully finishing him should spur me on to get the rest of the weapons done.

Anyhoo let me know what you think of him, I am really pleased he is done and off the to do list. Looks great to boot IMO :)


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