Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Khaharkyth the Carrion Lord, so-called 'Archon'

Perched upon a spur jutting over the battlefield, he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. The sharp tang of blood filtered through his jaded olfactory nerves as he drank in the carnage below.

"I am Khaharkyth, the Carrion Lord. Look upon my artworks and despair."

The Kabal of the Whipcrown. Bunch of upstarts. Barely more than a hellion gang strutting around calling themselves a Kabal. I've tried already to wipe them out but they've proven...resourceful. I note their so-called 'Archon' is still wearing the skull of my assassin as a trophy...

Adding another group into the mix :) I originally started these guys as an experiment into doing bronze armour and blood splatter I've grown quite fond of them! The idea behind this group is they're part of the great web of involvement in supplying my Craftworld with its vat-born conscript warhosts. An up-and-coming bunch of thugs who have been employed protecting the Dark Kin's business interests in realspace, bankrolling their rise in prominence.

The partsmix for these guys is pretty standard fare of base Kabalites and some Reaver/Scourge bits on my Archon to fix the 'ready for mummification' posing. Some more adventurous stuff will be coming in the next update ;)

Oh, and for reference the former owner of the skull on Khaharkyth's shoulder was an assassin known only as 'Wilson'...

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