Friday, 1 September 2017

Spartember is Upon Us!!!

Oh yes you read that right folks. It is now the glorious month of September, where we all dig out those unassembled Spartans (and/or any other large tank you have lying in the hobby cupboard of doom) and pledge to join us in the great assembly challenge, Spartember!

Over the coming month myself and Turkadactyl will be posting about our progress, on our blogs and the twittersphere (#Spartember40k) so if you want to join us we would love to see your pics being tagged on twitter/instagram, or shown on your own blogs. Please feel free to use the banner pic at the top if you want to :)

As you can see, the first stage of my Spartan assembly has been a stock take and now I can start the trimming and clean up stages. I will start on the main chassis first and get that structure all assembled, and then move onto the more fiddly parts. I already have noticed I have to straighten all the guns and there is sure to be a few more surprises along the way.

Ciaw for now!


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