Wednesday, 30 August 2017

I've heard what the Angvai do to deserters...

Where Ilgaith goes, we follow. It's not as if we could return without something to barter our freedom for anyway. I've heard what the Angvai do to deserters...

You…you have a child? Out here?

Many of us have. We live out here, with all that entails. Quite frankly, what choice did we have?

So that's my little Outcast band done :) well, nearly at least. There's one more Outcast to go, but he's not strictly one of this ragtag band.

One of the things these guys have let me do is scratch an itch that I've been feeling for a while. It's a bit of a trope in war-settings that the worlds are completely devoid of children. Things usually take a step towards the gritty and the realistic if they do include them, which seems right up the INQ28-style street :)

It also gives a valuable little glimpse that the galaxy might not be 'only war'. Interwoven with the warfare and strife are countless billions of families just trying to survive in a wartorn dystopian future. 

For these eldar it's especially poignant as eldar children are so few and far between. Discovering you're with child when you're a vat-born clone with a slim chance of survival would be a bedrock-solid reason to desert. Also, it's a little suggestion that there might be more to Outcasts than just eldar deciding they want a gap-year from the Path system. There are eldar living outside the safety of the craftworlds or Commorragh (through choice or necessity), surviving against the odds :)

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