Thursday, 24 August 2017

What happens when a Warlock wanders the Outcast Path?

What happens when a Warlock wanders the Outcast Path? 

Wild psykers. Powerful, in their own way. Lacking finesse, but unfettered access to emotion provides them with a turbulent rawness which can often achieve a similar effect.

Mostly they wander alone. On occasion they find Outcast bands who tolerate their presence, although usually for only a short while. A Hedge-Witch is a valuable resource, but a risky one. Out here, far from the safety of the craftworlds, the gaze of She Who Thirsts rarely falters. 

Maegwen liked this band. Perhaps they hadn't learnt better yet, but even being tolerated for longer than was necessary was more than she usually expected. Perhaps she could make a real difference to these people. Perhaps through this she could atone for what she had done, all those years ago. 

"What did she do? I don't know...but there must be a reason she compulsively paints the bloodied hand of Khaine on her face..."

If for some reason you were wondering who my favourite model I've made so far is, it's this lass. The hand-print was actually a bit of a coincidence. I'd originally planned to do some tribal-style markings but they didn't really turn out so well. I'd been reading up about orcs on TV Tropes earlier that day, opened my phone and saw an Uruk-Hai plastered with the White Hand of Saruman staring at me and thought 'bingo!'.

Definitely glad I did :)

Hope you like her!

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