Monday, 21 August 2017

Ilgaith the Outcast

Of all those who travel the skeins of the webway, it is us outcasts, us vagrants, who most frequently plumb its depths. My craftworld kin seek to exploit it like a tool. The Commorites seek to control it like an animal. The Harlequins seek to hide within it like a maze. We, however, seek only to explore. 
- Ilgaith who Wanders

As you well know, the rift that bisects our galaxy has breached many gates, allowing She Who Thirsts to seep into our realm. However, that same breach has opened doors long thought sealed. I have braved the predators that stalk these forgotten passageways. Through broken portals, I have glimpsed views not seen since the Fall. There are Eldar there, I am sure of it. What do your runes say, Seer? Even my untrained mind can see these places are heavy with fate.

Ilgaith who Wanders? Hah! Is that what he's calling himself. We know him as Ilgaith the Deserter. Tell me, why do you trust his word?

Why did I desert? I'll tell you why. They didn't even give me a name. 'Warborn', is what they called me. One of thousands upon thousands, dragged from the vats of Commorragh, dressed in the uniform of Craftworld life and thrown into the meat-grinder of their pointless wars. I gave myself my name the day I deserted. Do you know what Ilgaith means? No longer faceless...

I thought I'd move onto my Outcasts next :) slowly making my way through the back-catalog!

I really like the concept of Outcasts, but less as the 'eldar who take a gap year from the Path' idea, and more 'waifs and strays who are cast out and forced to fend for themselves outside of the safety of the craftworlds and webway-realms'.

Hope you like him :)

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