Sunday, 20 August 2017

Bog Sylvaneth - Spite Revenants Conversions

Spite Revenant Conversions

What ho folks! It has been a bit light on the old hobby front recently on here, but the last month or so since I posted up my Kurnoth Hunters have been consumed in a whirlwind of converting and painting but I was too pressed for time to show them.
I am off to Warhammer world on Sunday to play some AOS on one of their themed  terrain tables, which will be awesome and I am really looking forward to it. The problem was that I did not have many points available to field a force of any decent size, and so I had to get cracking and convert quite  a number of units to fill the gap. The first of these I completed is a unit of Spite Revenants (the cursed). I have had to get all the units I made to a 3 colour minimum to play on the table so any spare time has been spent monotonously batch painting to get all the units to a playable standard (they still do not look great, but needs must). I will post finished pics of them soon I hope, as I foresee needing some painting relief in between the Spartan assembly in September (Spartember).

The Spite Revanants are built using plaguebearer bodies, with the legs chopped off the revenant kits and pinned into position on the bloated bodies. The arms have been done the same way. I then used the back head parts from the kurnoth hunter and dryad sprues to create a thorned crest at the back of their necks. Carrying on the thorny theme they were then covered in thorns all over the bodies, which I had chopped off from the dark eldar ravager sprues. The final feel is quite spiky, and a little disturbing, which is appropriate for the unit I think :) It has all been tied together with plenty of greenstuff, and when the texture is added the flesh and bark will meld together nicely.

Let me know what you think of them :)


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