Monday 4 September 2017

Spartember Update #2

Well folks, I have managed to get a few hours in over the weekend on the Spartan, but progress has been slightly slow due to the expected problems I have hit.
As you can see in the pictures below, the cast has not been perfect. As well as the usual bubbles and flashing, I have encountered a bigger hurdle, which is that nothing bloody fits properly!! Gaps are aplenty when I fit the parts together, or they do not fit flush and I am having to carve and file almost every part. Apparently this is normal for ForgeWorld kits, but as this is my first big one it is a painful experience.

This is the main chassis assembly. Really struggled to get this bit to line up properly and as you can see, I did not succeed. This is the best I can do. Luckily this bit will be hidden, and I dry fitted the top and it has not had a detrimental affect on anything, so I can live with it.

Where the exhausts mount onto the back chassis I had to shave a fair bit of resin off the top so that the bottoms of the exhausts sat on the protruding lip> also you can see some greenstuff shoved into the gaps where the tops should sit flush to the base. Had to shove a bit of greenstuff in there so when it is painted it will not show. Not my neatest work but again it will not be very visible once the side tracks are on.  The underside needed a little filling and sanding but should look ok now once painted.

This bit was a bit of a repair job. The feedpoint for the resin met the tracks where you can see the large patch of green. I lost alot of detail when I had to carve off the excess, and also managed to snap off a couple of edges to the tracks in the process. I still have to reshape the raised areas and carve in the grooves, but that is for another time. 

A little repair job on the front ramp

And finally a little bling. Cant have a Space Wolf vehicle without a few trinkets and adornments can we :)

I have a bit of filling to do around the chassis next, and then prime the bits that will be hard to access with a brush. I then have the weapons to start on. Most of these are pretty warped so will take a little time to get right. Great :)


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