Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dropzone Commander Scourge - Destroyers & Eviscerators

Scourge Eviscerators
Scourge Destroyers

Well Bonjour interwebs! I am taking a mini break from 40k after blog wars and my painting meltdown on the stormwolf. Instead I have decided to work on a few of the other gaming systems I am involved in.

Dropzone is one of those, and I have to say it is probably one of my favourite games at the moment. It is incredibly tactical and balanced whilst keeping the game fun for both players involved, right up until the last dice roll. I play the Scourge faction in the game (the baddies) as I really enjoy the organic aesthetic to them,and I wanted to do a fairly easy colour scheme, so I would not have mounds of unpainted minis, as I do for 40k :)

So the scheme is pretty simple, involving just drybrushing and multiple layers of washes to build up the colours. The vehicles and dropships I intended to look like poisonous or dangerous animals, with the reds and black markings. The destroyers and eviscerators are alien creatures that have been enslaved by the Scourge, and are very dangerous in the game. I went with different colours to rest of the force to mark them out from the others. They are primed white, the washed with black and carrbough crimson to get the fleshy tones on the armour, the the faces painted purple and weapons metal. The shoulder pads I did a differetn colour to add a little interest to them as they looked pretty plain.

Working with 10mm scale models presents it own challenges, but I have to say it is enjoyable and the minis are pretty nice too. I find it refreshing not to be too careful painting and rely on the washes and drybrushing to do all the work for me. I am getting these done at quite a rate and have a bunch more to post up over the next month or so. Unfortunately the photos I did of the starter set came out pretty pants so I will be re-taking those. They will give a better idea of how the whole colour scheme works.

Catch you all soon :)

NafNaf out!



  1. For a "simple" paint scheme they look absolutely lovely :) I was tempted by their recent kickstarter but I just don't have the time for another game system sadly! I will miss your 40k updates but looks forward to seeing more of these. I also really like the Shaltari aesthetic as well. Good stuff Naff :)

    1. Thanks man :)

      Ahhh shame you didnt back it. It is a better version of battlefleet gothic. I reckon it will take off big time. I backed it and am pretty excited to get playing once it is all released.

      I do have a few little 40k projects planned, so fear not there will be some updates there too. I have a raider crew to paint, and I have started a warp spider conversion project. Just not doing anything big, rather concentrating on small wins to get my mojo back a bit.

  2. Very cool! I especially dig the effect on the flyer, that looks sweet!

    1. Cheers dude :)

      I am pleased with how the whole scheme has shaped up tbh. It is quite simple to paint, the washes and drybrushing doing most of the hard work. The tanks look good in it too, and I hope to post them up this week, if I can get the photos done.

  3. Nice work! I just started some 6MM guys and hope to only approach the level of detail you've accomplished!

    1. Thanks John :)

      I cant imagine painting 6mm figs. The infantry at 10mm scale is a challenge, although the vehicles are a joy. Is it epic you are doing at 6mm?