Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Events and furious painting

Okay, so I have not posted in a while. I've been furiously preparing my army to get it ready for our club tournament and Blog wars X. So I thought I would post a few pictures here before I move onto my next project(s). Im very pleased to announce that I won 'best army' at our club tournament and came 2nd in the 'best conversions' competition for Blog wars X. To celebrate I bought a few items from element games (the host) with my winnings including a snow product (which may be a hint for the future).


Enjoy the pictures:

C-3POs and the breachers
My Arch here-tech dominus
Sicarian infiltrators
Sydonian dragoon
Ironstrider Ballistarii
R2 and the destroyers
Sicarian Ruststalkers

dune strider
"Mr Tickles" the knight gallant


  1. I did not realise this army was yours! I voted for it in best conversions :)

    I also feel beaten to the punch on the typhoon model from pacific rim! I have one dismantled on my desk for a dark mechanicum army! May I say you have excellent taste sir :)

  2. Nice one dude, they look super awesome, and your second place was thoroughly deserved :)

    Make sure you don't get 'snowed' under by all those 'frosty' models you have been making ;)

  3. I particularly like the pistols as heads approach on the Infiltrators. I've always been a big fan of that look :)

    Also, R2 and The Destroyers sounds like a band. Did he steal George Thorogood's backup boys? ;)

  4. Wait, I'm confused. These were not done by NafNaf? I think I didn't realize there were more folks than him posting here...

    These are some really amazing conversions! I know that you had to rush them out, but I hope you're planning to go back and do a little more with the bases as they don't yet do the models justice :/