Sunday, 24 August 2014

Darl Eldar Scourge conversions


 Hey Folks. Another harlequin carnival update. I have had these chaps sitting on my desk mid conversion for over two months now. I finally found the time to finish them off this week. They are the scourges for my Dark eldar carnival army.

I have to say the models are absolutely gorgeous! Definitely some of the best in the range. I did not want to do too much on them as they are so awesome already, so a few simple head swaps later (+additions) and I consider them done. All have either re-breathers or  goggles so they look like they are old school aerial combatants, and it helps to tie in the wacky heads with the bodies a little bit. the heads are from 2 main kits, the daemonettes of slaneesh and empire wizard set. Let me know what you think, more to come soon.

NafNaf out!

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