Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Dreadball judwan - quickshade dipping method

I have been playing dreadball now for over a year with it will not die and I have to say it is a fantastic game. The variety of teams and tactics really keep the game alive and it is a lot of fun to play too.
I recently picked up a judwan team from ebay and played them for the first time last week. I managed pretty well until the last turn of the game where it will not die scored a 4 pointer with the last throw of the game, typical! I decided my ill luck was due to my team being bare plastic (or restic)as we all know unpainted models perform worse than fully painted ones.
A friend recently gifted me with a tub of army painted quickshade so I decided to try it out with the judwan. The models themselves are pretty poor and have horrendous mould lines (like all mantic figures I have encountered so far) so a top notch paint job was out of the question. I wanted to try a quick scheme that would require minimal effort but with tabletop quality results so the quickshade would be perfect.
Please forgive the quality of the photos, they were taken on my phone adhoc. I started with a basecoat of white and then gave the whole model a green wash then a glaze over the top.
The skin was then painted with rakarth flesh and given a watered down purple wash. Then the orange stripes and finally the base with the gw crackle basing paint (which I am pretty impressed with)
Then came the dipping. I plonked the whole mini into the tin of varnish and gave each one a vigorous shake onto newspaper on the floor to remove any excess. Once they had stood for 5 mins and the varnish had settled I removed any excess that had pooled with an old paintbrush and left them to dry overnight ( and stunk the house out with varnish fumes, much to the delight of my girlfriend). I forgot to take a photo at this stage but they did not look great as they were very shiny and the details looked pretty obscured.
Finally a spray over with testors dullcoat and some static grass on the bases and they were done
Overall I am pretty impressed with the quickshade method. It does not give you golden daemon quality minis but for a quick tabletop quality job it is pretty good, especially if you are doing a whole bunch of minis. I am now doing the starter teams from the dreadball set with this method so I will be posting these up soon.

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