Thursday, 21 August 2014

Space wolves showcase #2

Hey guys. My love of the space puppies has been rekindled with the advent of an awesome new codex, so I have plenty of new things I am working on, one of which is a murderfang conversion from a contemptor dread. Here is another update on my army so far.

First up my second grey hunter squad with drop pod. Pretty much the same loadout as the other squad, with mark of the wulfen and wolf banner (both now defunct sob!)

Next up my 5 man wolf scouts. I will need to add some sniper rifles to their backpacks so they are more multi functional. The heads are from the chaos marauder horsemen kit as well as a few of the weapons. otherwise it was just the standard scout kit.

5 man long fang squad. I used the hunter missile and a few extra bits to make the missile launchers, as I did not want to pay alot of money for a new devastator kit and added parts.

2 lone wolves. I will have to chop off an arm as the axe & shield is no longer an option in the new dex but other than that they are still awesome so I am a happy puppy.

Finally my 2 converted rune priests. Made these bad boys by kit bashing warriors of chaos upper torsos with space wolf legs and other parts. I wanted them to look like feral shamans, and the addition of the woc torso and a few shamanic bits help to pull it off.

I will be doing a painting tutorial soon on how to I paint my space wolves, how to do realistic blood effects and awesome snowy bases :).

Nafnaf out!


  1. You have some outstanding Vlka Fenryka there.

    1. Thanks. I am enjoying getting back into painting them again after a bit of a break