Saturday, 12 July 2014

Citadel Mould Line Remover Review

Hi folks, NafNaf here with a review of one of citadels new hobby tool range, the mould line remover. I will go over what I like/dislike about this tool and the functionality of it overall.

So first of all the looks. This is a great looking little tool. The handle is made out of a dark red metal that is surprisingly comfortable to use and has a nice weighty feel in the hand. The blade itself is quite thick (not like an xacto blade) and has a sharp(ish) edge to it on both sides. Overall an extremely high quality build to this tool. Also of note is the packaging, which is made out of very thick card, like the boxes the new tactical objective cards come in. Most of you are probably not bothered by this but a well packaged product always adds to the feel of quality to an item (imagine your cool bday pressie wrapped in newspaper instead of the funky shiny wrapping you usually expect, not so thrilling eh). Not crucial to the product but gives the whole thing a wow factor that is not normally associated with hobby tools.

Next up is usability. When I got this tool I was quite excited to try it out as I had made a few errors when scraping some dark eldar models, and was hoping this would help make the experience more of an error free one. Reading a few reviews out there it is generally thought that a curved xacto blade is more than adequate, and cheaper to boot. A pack of 5 usually retails around the £5 mark. The reason this mould remover tool is much better is all down to design. A xacto blade is made out of thin steel that vibrates as it is scraped along the surface of your mini, that can leave horrible ridges and marks. The mould line remover is much thicker and does away with this problem altogether, as it does not vibrate at all, so the surfaces are left smooth. It is also easier to scrape sword edges or DE raider keels without damaging anything. There are always areas where a knife will be needed but for the others there is this.

So let's talk about the white elephant in the room, the price! This bad boy retails at £10. Yes that is a lot of money for a simple tool. So is it worth it? After the points raised above I can say a (small) yes. I have found it to be useful and fills a small niche in the hobby tool market that I have not found an alternative for (so far). I have enjoyed using it and found it to be useful, well designed and functional. I personally bought mine from a third party retailer and feel the £7 price tag more palatable. Overall a very good product that I would recommend anyone to buy (at a reduced price of course).

Have any of you used this tool? What are your thoughts on it?

Nafnaf out!

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