Sunday, 13 July 2014

Army showcase - Space Wolves #1

NafNaf here to start a showcase of my 40k armies, as I have 3 that I currently use to game and hobby with.

I have been collecting 40k off and on since 2nd ed, although I took a massive break when  I discovered beer and ladies, but restarted again at the tail end of 5th. I have always had a fondness for space wolves, mainly due to the feral Viking imagery they evoke, but never had the skils or money in those days to be able to start an army. Cue many years later and I had both these things in abundance, so decided to take the plunge and start the Vlka Fenryka as my first project.

I wanted to really capture the things that drew me to the army in the first place, which was the feral Viking theme, so I decided to do small conversions on all the models I bought. This was mainly weapon swaps with warriors of chaos to try and evoke a more brutal feel to the already awesome gw sculpts. Around this time I read prospero burns and thousand sons, which really inspired me to try and get a more pre heresy colour scheme to my force. I went with a dull dirty metal base with bronze accents, as my first tester models with a grey scheme did not look quite right and took a very long time to paint, what with all the line highlighting and such. The  final scheme is much cooler/brutal looking and is simpler to boot. Anyways enough with the chitchat, let's look at some pics. 

This is the first squad I painted up. I armed them with a wolf banner from the marauder kit, and created the wulfen from various bits I had, with a lashing of green stuff for good measure. The shoulder pad scheme was inspired by traditional Viking colours they had on the sails of their ships (red and white), so I decided this would be the army colours on all pauldrons and carry over to the vehicles.

I decided to paint a transport to go with my first squad and felt a rhino would be a good start. It follows the grey hunter colours, with the same method applied to both infantry and tank. I wanted a weathered look to this too so the wash method with a brush rather than spraying gave a nice patchy effect on larger surfaces that I was really pleased with. Mud was applied at a later stage using the gw sandy paint line, then basecoated and dry brushed.

More to come soon.

NafNaf out!

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