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X-Wing Mission: Tibanna Gas Raid

Mission: Tibanna Gas Raid

Following the Imperial blockade of Cloud City the Rebellion is facing shortages of Tibanna gas to power weapon systems and cool the hyperdrives of the fleet's capital ships. Rebel scouts have identified pockets of Tibanna gas in a nearby asteroid field, a mining ship along with a fighter escort has been dispatched to collect supplies.  An Imperial spy aboard the mining ship has tipped off a nearby Imperial garrison and a squad has been sent to intercept the rebel forces.

Mission Setup

1) Imperial setup area

2) Tibanna gas field

3) Rebel setup area

Rebels: 100 point squad and a HWK 290 to represent the mining ship.

Imperials: 100 point squad.

Tibanna Gas Field: 3 asteroid tokens are placed in the middle region of the board.

Special Rules 

Mining Ship: This uses the standard HWK 290 movement dial, with the addition of a 'mining manoeuvre'. To use the mining manoeuvre, in the reveal dial phase declare you are mining, this means the ship does not move.  The Mining Ship has no weapons.  The mining ship cannot be targeted or damaged by either faction. If the mining ship collides with an asteroid it suffers a single damage, this affects how many dice it rolls to collect Tibanna gas.

Tibanna Gas Field: Each asteroid has a 'Range 1' tibanna gas field surrounding it.  Any ship firing a weapon at a ship inside a Tibanna gas field gets a bonus attack die.

The asteroids field is unstable and the asteroids are liable to move, to represent this at the end of the 'Perform Action' phase roll a single defence die, if an evade is rolled, move the asteroid a 'Straight 1' in the direction the evade arrow is pointing on the die.

To mine the field the mining ship must declare a mining manoeuvre inside a Tibanna gas field. Once a mining manoeuvre is declared, in the action phase you can mine the Tibanna gas. To do this role an attack die for every hull point the HWK 290 has (4). Each critical or damage result rolled means you have collected a unit of Tibanna gas.  You can mine multiple Tibanna gas units from a single asteroid.


Rebel Victory: The mining ship must collect 3 units of Tibanna gas and then safely leave the play area with at least one Rebel escort ship through either the Imperial or Rebel setup area.

Imperial Victory: Destroy the Rebel ships. This means you have foiled Rebel attempts to acquire Tibanna gas and captured the mining ship.

If you play this mission let us know how you get on in the comments section...

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