Monday, 6 April 2015

Hobby Progress

Image by Kozivara on deviant art

Hey folks. It has been a busy week for me and I have got alot done in the hobby. I am in the process of clearing out my man room in prep for our first child, so have given myself the aim of sotimg out the closet of doom of all my ongoing or planned projects and getting them built and ready for painting. Below is some of the fruits of my labour.

First on the list was my 5 fenrisian wolves I bought from ebay as part of a batch deal for mega cheap. Pretty simple job to build and base. Nice models and will fit in well with my thunder wolves force.

Second was this 6 man thunderwolf unit (which was part of the ebay buy). I magnetised all the arms like my previous completed models so that each unit is fully customisable. A bit fiddly but well worth it for the long term flexibility of the army

As part of the mentioned flexibility I magnetised over 15 of my grey hunters arms. They were languishing on my shelves as GW in its wisdom had decided to change the base options & points for the grey hunters (fully justifiable, but still a pain in the rear end). Now I hate having models sitting on the shelf when I have painted them, so out came the magnets, and each one was given one in the shoulder and torso and a spare arm for each was made with a bolt pistol, so they could be run as a close combat weapon squad, or with the base loadout of bolter and bolt pistol. Now all are wisiwig as needed :)

Part of my prep for blog wars 9 was to convert my terminator unit so it had different weapon options. Seeing as I had the magnets out I decided to magnetise the new arms, so each terminator could be fully interchangeable with all the codex weapon options. The new arms were then painted to match. Dead pleased with these.

Finally I built my storm wolf that had been sealed in its box since Christmas. This was a really fiddly model to assemble, as the main chassis needed to be glued at the same time, which meant holding it in many parts while it dried to stop it falling apart. I was unconvinced on the aesthetics of this model, but once I had built it I really like it in the flesh. It is brutal and uncomplicated, but it is very space wolfy and I like that about it. I then converted up a scenic base for it to fly above with a model boat and anchor. Really pleased with the base, simple things for simple minds I suppose :D

Phew! Thats is all so far folks. Alot more coming so stay tuned. I have not been slicing my fingers and painting the carpet for nothing!

NafNaf out



  1. Holy shit that is a lot of work! It will pay off in the end (especially when transporting though). But holy crap. I would not want to do that many magnets!

    Super excited about your stormwolf!

    1. Lol that is only slightly over half of it. Still finishing off a few bits and bobs. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I work in a school so we get the two weeks Easter hols, hence the sudden flurry of hobby building.

      The magnetising is a bit of a pain but soo worth it in the long run.

      The storm wolf is great. Quite looking forward to getting it painted

  2. The all father will be pleased with the progress :)

    1. A trough of ale as a reward I hope :)

  3. Looking good man, I do like the flyer, as you pointed out it's very stylistically appropriate to the wolves!

    1. Thanks Nick. It is a beast on the tabletop too.