Friday, 10 April 2015

Iron priest on thunderwolf conversion #2

Ahhh I could not resist. I have made another one. He was actually alot simpler to do than the first but looks just as good I think.

I used the left over arms from the previous iron priest and re-used some parts from my old adeptus custode army to make a suitably mechanical backpack. Of course I added a few pieces of wire to give more dimension to the pose of the model, and they also help to tie the pack and the arms together. The torso and mechanicum axe are from a really old blood angels command squad I had left over in my closet of doom that I completely forgot about until the clearout. Found just at the right time to make me another iron priest :)


Thoughts and comments as always welcome :)

NafNaf out!




  1. Tasty as ever! I look forward to filling him full of poison at blogwars, haha!

    1. Lol cheers Nick. Yep my thunder wolves list will have a real problem against dark eldar. Oh well that is the way of 40k now I suppose. Always a counter for something :)

  2. These guys are wicked awesome. I wouldn't even be mad when you swung at str 10 ap1 :).

  3. Hehe not str 9 ap1? I admit I am more of a str 10 man myself.

    Making one more of these guys just for fun as I have some cool resin bits I want to try that fit perfectly