Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Thunderwolf Cavalry

I have not been sitting idle since I finished up my venom. There was still a long list of space wolf stuff waiting for me to paint or convert in time for blog wars 9. I must confess to a certain fondness for thunderwolf cav, amd wanted to run a list with at least 2 three man squads in (and I am mooching around with the idea of buffing each squad to five + characters). So without further ado I picked up my plastic glue, stuck a paintbrush behind my ear, and got cracking!

For my first squad I did not give them many options, mainly arming them all with close combat weapons, so with this squad I wanted the weapon loadouts to be as versatile as possible. Magnetising is a fantastic way to add this versatility without breaking the bank buying multiple models just to get a few varying weapon loadouts. With all this in mind every thunder cav rider had a magnet in each shoulder socket and torso, and I glued and painted a load of different weapons for them to field as I needed (which I have forgotten to take a photo of). It works really well, although during taking the photos I realised the bolt pistol arm of the middle rider has a massive gap where the magnet does not sit flush. Bit of a pain but I went back this eve and greenstuffed the joint so it fits nicely now and does not look so odd.
Thoughts and comments are always welcome :)
NafNaf out!


  1. These look great mate. The non standard shields are a nice touch.

    Is that crushed glass for snow? And have you slobbered up their jaws? How'd you do both of those? They are both great effects.

    1. Thankyou. I had the shields left over from some sisters of silence conversions I had half finished ages ago. I really liked them so decided to add a bit of interest to the twc.

      The snow is just the powdrerd gale force nine flock stuff. I make a sloppy mush with it by mixing it with pva glue and then spatularing it onto the base. I then give it a dusting of snow on the top, and when it dries it goes the nice icy effect above. You can play around with how icy/fluffy you want the snow by just adjusting the sloppiness of the snow mix.mthe drier the mix, the fluffier the snow.

      Yes I did slobber up the jaws. I used the same blood effect as on the shields. To start you need a tube of standard UHU glue and tamiya clear red paint (or the GW blood effect one). Mix the red with just a dash of black to get the dark gore, and then add some UHU glue and mix together with a cocktail stick. I then apply this to the model (with the stick) and the glue gives it the stringy effect (be warbed it dries very quickly) Once dry I go over the whole thing with just the clear red paint to give the brighter blood colour It gives a really nice effect as the darker gore is all stringy and textured, while the fresh blood is more bright and splashed.

      Hope that explains it a bit :)

  2. I also like the non standard shields. The color shift on the one wolf is nice as well, I assume that's the sarg? I'd consider taking a shot of these guys on a non white background though...maybe take some shots with them on terrain, or on a colored backdrop (gradient maybe?). It's hard to see some of the hard work you've put in them!

    1. I hear ya. Unfortunately I don't have a gradient backdrop yet, but have invested in the new foldio kick starter, so hopefully my photo taking will improve when I receive it. Took these at night, straight after I finished them, so the lighting was slightly poor, which may be why it is a little trouble to see the detail