Monday, 30 March 2015

Raiden Seibutai with spitfire

In between working on my wolves and the DE, I have slowly been painting up this chappy as an addition to my Japanese sectorial army for Infinity. He is pretty effective in game, as he has limited camo with a short range machine gun, so can pop up and shoot you in the face pretty effectively :)

I followed my orange, blue and white scheme as usual, but I spent alot more time working on the gun after getting some great feedback in the comments on my other minis on how I could improve (thanks guys :) ). The metal parts were not just metal and then washed, I added a drybrush stage then an additional line highlight so hopefully the quality of painting fits in now with the rest of the mini. I also added much more green areas to the gun casing to add more interest, and blended and highlighted this much more too. I hope these changes have made a positive difference to the overall finish of the model. What do you all think?

NafNaf out!



  1. Really like him Nafnaf. The whites are just great. I do think, that much like the wolves, your light background is hurting some of your detail work again and washing it out. From the one angle, the gun looks great (with a nice green pop), but then the white washes out it from the front.

    So I can't wait till you get your foldio 2, because it'll help really showcase your great jobs!

    1. Thanks Greg :)

      I did edit this one so it was a bit brighter but I think the root problem is not being fixed by the editing. It is so frustrating because it actually looks pretty good to the maked eye, but when taken by camera all sorts of problems are being thrown up. The blending on the white and metal parts for example is much more subtle than comes out on the photos, which make it look quite harsh. I too cannot wait for this foldio, although I think my skill as a photographer needs a little work too :D