Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Dark eldar Carnival venom and crew!

The Carnival continues! Click for more pics of my finished venom and crew. Lets get the party started!

Nearly pulled my eyes out painting this lot but I am sooooo pleased at the end result. I think it all works really well together.

I planned to do very little to the chassis of the venom in terms of conversion, concentrating more on the patterns to make it fit in with the carnival theme, but saving the conversions for the crew.

I went with the base colour of red, as this is the tie in colour over all the army. It can be a bit jarring to have lots of different colours on one model, or over a whole army, so I wanted a large portion of every mini to be red, and this would form the base for every modelVand be the consistent base colour. It certainly makes them easier to paint, as it gives a good starting point, and colours can be added on top one by one as needed. The funnest part of the venom was painting the lava lamp effect on the sides. It was a new pattern for me to do, but I enjoyed choosing the colours and then painting the patterns on the side. I think it really brings the venom to life :)

The crew were converted after I had finished the paint job on the venom. I wanted them to be a little different to the stock models, so used a mix of parts to make a more wacky trio. The ballon girl is a witch elf, with wooden beads greenVstuffed into balloons. My idea was to have her look like she was being blown off the back of the venom , as it accelerated forwards towards the enemy. The other is a kitbash of parts, such as a scourge head and dark elf horn. I really quite like how he turned out. The gunner dude I wanted to be a bit more ostentatious, as he is the most static of the crew, so he got a flowing pelt and lion head for a hat. They work great I think, and add a nice bit of character to the venom. Painting all 3 was very laborious, but totally worth it for the character added! Right at the end I managed to cock up attaching the balloon girl to the chassis, snapping the pin off at her foot, and then drilling right through it when I tried to put in another pin (after gauging a massive slice out of my finger trying to dig it out with my scalpel......not a good idea). I have repainted the foot but it does not look as good as before. Oh well! S#+t happens

I am now planning to work on a harlequin for a painting comp over at the dark city forum. I could not resist converting it a little. Gonna be a fun one.

As always your thoughts and input are always appreciated

NafNaf out!




  1. You already know what I'm going to say. But I'm going to say it anyway, every single time you post such awesome stuff. The pain circus is in town, and Nafnaf is the ringmaster!

    The highlights on the freehand splashes on the side...so well done!

    1. Hehe thanks Greg. Don't worry I like to hear you say it :D
      The bubbles were my fave part to paint on the whole thing. I got a pic of a lava lamp up on my phone and then just went hog wild with the bubbly bits :D

  2. Holy crap! I love the balloons and how you take the silliest army and take it to the next esteem.

    1. Cheers Joe. The balloons made the mini a bit tricky to paint, but were worth it in the end for the overall look :)