Monday, 2 March 2015

House Hawkshroud Krastellan Imperial Militia Army Finished

The House Hawkshroud Krastellan Imperial Militia army I've been working on the last few weeks has finally reached 1850 points and is now complete. Jump in to see the rest of the gallery...

The army is meant to represent the Hawkshroud Knight House and it's militia, the Knights are nice and bright where as I purposely used a dark, limited colour palette for the militia to create the look of them just having some military surplus vehicles and equipment.

I'm happy that I've achieved what I set out to do, and I think overall the army looks pretty good. It has also performed quite well on the tabletop in the four games i've played with it.

But now the army is complete it will be going up for sale very soon.  Here are the rest of the pics (apologies for one or two pics being a bit fuzzy, having camera issues!)


  1. Looks fantastic. Love the color modulation on the tanks (and overall camo scheme). Great looking army, hope it sells well!

  2. Its really effective as well, has done well in all the battles it has been part of.

  3. That is an awesome looking army! The basing adds great interest to the knights and creates a great theme across the army. As a fellow tread-head I really enjoyed your array of tanks.