Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sky claws

Sky claws

Lately I have been working on a squad of 10 skyclaws to try and get them done for the release of the new codex. The rumour is that they are going down 3 points, which make them a much more viable choice, and means they will probably be seen on the tabletop much more.

I am very excited to get these guys roaring down the flanks to havoc the enemy, supported by their more experienced brethren. I think I will convert up a wolf priest with jump pack to give them a wee boost in combat (hopefully his rules have not changed or are better in the new codex)

The bits I used a mixture of the space marine tactical kit, old assault marines that were lying around from a long time ago project, and a few grey hunter sprues. the static poses from the tac kit were used for the flamer marines while the running legs were for the more violent chaps to give them a sense of motion as they swing their weapons at their foe.

  I like to have as many options as possible in my army so decided to fit out this unit with magnetised jump packs, so that they can be swapped out and used as either blood claws or grey hunters if needed.

  I decided to arm some with shields from beastmen and marauders, to keep the norse barbarian theme going and make them look like brutal warriors ready to chop your head off. They play no part in actual gameplay but look damn cool in my opinion :)


  1. Smart idea on the magnetized jump packs. Combo bash looks great. They look mean and nasty. Should look awesome painted up!

    1. Thanks Greg :) I enjoyed putting them together, and am looking forward to the new dex to see what other options are more viable. I think I will be magnetising nearly everything in future as things change constantly when new dexes are released, and just to have te added flexibility tbh

  2. I am also completely addicted to magnets. I think I've gone through a 100 at least between my armies. It just makes sense (as you said), when the rules adjust and change over time. Far nicer then having to tear apart your beautifully painted models!

    As a side benefit, if a model is ever dropped, the magnet parts take the impact and pop off, instead of things snapping!

  3. Looked great at the last battle, will look great painted. Interceptors will look forward to a close combat rematch :)