Monday, 11 August 2014

Harlequin Carnival - La Danse Macabre

I love Dark Eldar. I have 3 main armies that I have been working on over a number of years. the Space Wolves were my first, Adeptus Custodes my second (grey knights) and Dark Eldar my third. I started the dark kin over a year and a half ago as I wanted something that was really different from the power armour armies I had focused on up to this point, and I wanted to really push my painting and modelling skills as far as they would go.
I happened across a blog called the eye of error (check it out, awesome stuff) and he had done a few kit bashes involing dark eldar and a harlequin theme. I also came across a project log on the dark city by speedfreak, who also was creating a harlequin inspired force. Well I was inspired and my creative juices started flowing.

This army is more of a long term project as each model is an individual and has alot of time spent on the converting and painting of each one. I wanted to blend the Dark eldar aesthetic with a harlequin/carnival theme to create a really macabre army with tons of character and story. below are the first painted models I created for this army. Please visit my project log on the dark city if you want to see them in their unconverted state. I will start to post up my current conversions as well as previous painted squads, until I am up to date and can then just show what I am working on currently.

Fist up is my squad of wyches. Had great fun painting and converting these ladies and gents, and am really pleased with how they came out. I used wide range of parts for them but the main source was empire and brettonian trinkets, heads and arms, which give them a real carnival air. Forgive the quality of the photos, my photography skills were limited at the time of taking. practice makes perfect I suppose :)

                                The first 5
                                The whole nine yards
                               Hecatrix with venom blade and haywire grenade
                                Hag of hearts (Succubus)


                                 Crazy Clown (Talos Pain engine)

NafNaf out!

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