Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Logan Grimnar Conversion

Hey all, here is my second installment of my army showcase for my space wolves. Only a quick one today. I wanted to show my Logan Grimnar conversion. I am not a fan of the official version, due to not only the scale issues (he is much smaller than a standard terminator) but also because I think the sculpt is pretty poor too.

Official version - me no like

The space wolf terminator kit is full of great bits and is a fantastic kit overall, so I decided that this would be a good starting point for my kitbash. I went with a standard sw body and torso, with the champion cloak draped over his shoulders. The head was a generic sw one that I sculpted on a flowing beard to make him more feral and regal looking. I played around with the positioning of the wolf head and arms that dangle over his left shoulder, to try and get a different look that fitted more with his body position and stance. I also added fur to the edges of his cloak to continue the regal feel I wanted.

The axe is just two sw termie axes glued together with a sw hammer head sliced in two and placed over the gaps. The storm bolter is from a grey knight terminator kit, and is just glued onto a power fist arm, with a little cabling to tie them all together.

Nafnaf out!

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