Saturday, 26 July 2014

What's on my table - Space Wolves wip

Hi guys. I thought I would post up a quick post about what I am currently working on. With the advent of the space wolves codex very soon I thought I would update my forces to be as flexible as possible once it drops.

 I picked up a tasty deal on eBay, a box of grey hunters and the new space marine tactical box for only 16 quid. It is rumored that the new codex will nerf the traditional grey hunter load out and that we will now have to pay an additional point to have a chainsword. So now I have some models spare I decided to make a few bolter holding marines, so that I have as many options for the grey hunters as possible. Also I am making blood claws and sky claws as they are rumored to be cheaper in the new dex and will probably see some game time now. The backpacks and jump packs will be magnetised so I can swap them round as needed, in case I don't want any sky claws in a game or vice versa. Let the scraping and painting commence. Vlka Fenryka!

NafNaf out!

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